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My System Specs


I really gotta learn to be more specific, and once I get some info From work I can be more specific on the subject.

The Setup I am talking about is the Gallium/Indium + Tin Setup. I wasn't talking about the one you had mentioned per se although I would love to see the stats on that material. Hey, tell ya what, I'll get the materials and Pump (gonna upload a pic of it soon) and we can build one! Canadian Style.

I know that Tin was originally added to prevent 'wetting' of glass. But putting the Indium in there with tin I believe prevents errosion.
Hey, its all theory and experimental. I am actually requistioning the stats and layout of the pumps we have here because they are 12V DC, but I need to know what the wattage/amperage is to know if I can, in theory attach one to the 4 pin on my old MB and get it to run.
I do think that a 'ceramic dip' would work well to treat these and cermaic is amazing at heat transfer (look at ceramic break pads).

I am going to ask our Dr. here at work and see what he knows (he is specialist of Inorganic substances) and get his input on this.

I've always dreamed and drawn one up, but I am no engineer. I need an engineer to help lol.

Good discussion though,


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