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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
I think I'm the first stop on this guys route now too. We are also on a first name basis, I call him fuckwit and he calls me asshole :)
.. Wooah you made my day

When I used to work at my old job in the hotel, my manager allowed me to get all my online ordering packages at work, since I worked there for an year, all my ncix packages that came either from fedex or purolator, the guys knew me personally, hek they are kind enough to even wait if I was on a phone call with a guest or helping one, they would tell me to finish first, they would quietly wait. Good friends we were.

You know it just works out this way, if you do get the delivery driver the first time, treat him well, tell him hello, ask how his day is going, they do feel great, appreciate it, second time, you tell him hey good to see you again, how's it going, third time, he will ask you, how are you doing, and fourth time he knows it is your package and he got you on his VIP list..

I know some of those drivers are lazy as Squee said, might be rude, they are few who have loyally worked for a company for many years and always treat you good, after few visits they know you, like Balistx said. Once they start seeing you more and more, they will start being good friends.

Sorry to go way out of whack Barbrr.. fooogiiveee moi :) :p
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