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My System Specs


Huh, never knew that metal was around for regular Purchase! Thanks for the info I'm gonna have to look that up.
The Perstaltic tubing we use on our ICPMS Systems here would be sufficient for sure, but for sake of completeness I will get its actual stats and life stats to see if its something worth fabricating. I have 3 two channel PWM Pumps as spares at work and I"D love to make something like this...the pumps are old model and I'm welcome to them at anytime.

NaK apparently is what they use, you as much in the dark as me on this one. That stuff can be really hazardous , really quickly if a puncture occurs.
It'll never arrive in North America because of the Hazmat rating more than likely.

Actually, you will find out if you want that alloying tin into the Gallium/Indium prevents this liquid metal Matrix from interferring with or getting involved with the matrix of most if not all metals (I'll see if I can find my list at work). Another work around would be a simple coating of ceramic inside the metal housings to prevent the actual interface of the two materials. But again, not really needed.

I'd like to do it and make it practical to be honest, and yeah its been done for many years in other industries. (Soviet Fast Breeder Reactors and Nuclear Subs use Sodium for a Heatexchanger).

Ha, anyone want to build one with me?


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