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We discussed this previously , but I'll try not requote too much.


The alloy you want ST , is called 'Galinstan' .You can buy it online if you so desire , or , you could buy it right in Ontario from just about any chemical supply shop.


I have not read up about this new cooler , but I find it difficult to believe they are using liquid NaK , even if it's got a 'buffer' liquid like parrafin.It's simply too dangerous.

Typically these liquid metal systems use MHD (magnetohydrodynamic) pumps.

While peristaltic pumps can deal with high shear liquids such as metals , The 'pump tube' can suffer from degradation and catastrophically fail......


The key problem with liquid metal systems , stems from the fact that any 'liquid metal' is a really good solvent for nearly all solid metals.

This makes fabrication of things like blocks and rads difficult at best...


Still just a curiousity.

edit : As far as the title of this thread goes , it is most definitly NOT the worlds first liquid metal cpu cooler.It's been done before.
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