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My System Specs


They made a Poor Choice when it came to Liquid Metal on that computer.
From a Science standpoint, Gallium/Indium would have made a better medium for the heat transfer. NaK is highly reactive with Air/Water so they probably put some type of parafin Oil in there or something close to that to stabilize it and make it safe.

Gallium + 5% Tin = Liquid Metal @ 20 Degree C
Gallium + Indium + 3% Tin Alloy = Liquid Metal @ 17 Degrees

Those would make more sense as far as materials are concerened.
Secondly, they need a Full Loop for that system, and a different Pump.

Metal, while being a Better Conduit for Heat, also retains it very very well. When you do the heat transfer you need to get it away from the source to an open Rad much like traditional Liquid Cooling Loops.
Pumping it is actually easy, scientific Insturnments use the same PWM on a type of pump called a Peristaltic Pump instead of traditional Impeller driven for Materials such as these.

If I could find someone to make the Alloy here in Ontario, I could set up a loop with some effort.

My two cents with much research from myself and friends into this matter.



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