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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Except that the whole game would be in the jungle. They'd need to do alot a vehicle missions to make it interesting (PT boats, helicopters [a-la-air cav], and maybe defensive missions like the tet offensive) hmm, now that I've thought about it, could be good
BF:Vietnam was jungle but sucked IMO

COD4 the single player didnt suck me in, WaW did but as always was way to short, I do like the coop in WaW but again to short.

I find COD is more of a run and gun , every man for them selves type of FPS, sure there is limited squad play but I prefer a more tactical FPS .

Still I will probably grab it when it's out.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
"It's all in the Reflexes"-Jack Burton
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