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Originally Posted by cmac79 View Post
will be cool if it happens but imo i still think they should give vietnam a try. i know vietnam is a touchy subject but theres been a few vietnam games and i think cod could do a good job with it.With lots of ppl complaining oh im sick of ww2 or i hate the modern,i think it would be a good medium.there isn't really any good vietnam games.. men of valor was pretty cool and the multiplayer on vietcong was awesome till it got hacked to shit.. me i like both the modern and the ww2 i play cod5 cod2 and cod united offensive as much as cod4. but would really like a lil diff from both
Except that the whole game would be in the jungle. They'd need to do alot a vehicle missions to make it interesting (PT boats, helicopters [a-la-air cav], and maybe defensive missions like the tet offensive) hmm, now that I've thought about it, could be good
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