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From what I can tell Burntest is only about testing various math functions, It just does a lot more than Prime95.
Frankly, calculating Prime numbers, or PI is relatively easy, even to thousands of digits.
I think people get sucked into the fact that because this would be very hard
for a human to do it must also be hard for a CPU. Its just not the case, these programs run
through a few basic math instructions and nothing more, very easy for computers.

I have seen someone say that Intel uses Burntest before shipping, donít believe it!
Intelís QC would freak if anyone at Intel suggested they do that.
There are over one thousand instructions in the x86 language, and each one will
turn on and off various transistors in the CPU according to their function,
and most programs only use at best 10% of the full instruction set when running.
So I think itís a good bet they have their own test suites to do just that, and also
sample testing using random instruction test suites.

In the end I would say the increased heat put you over the edge.
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