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Default Intel Burntest Query

Hey guys...quick previous OC's over this past year have all been proven stable by very long runs of Prime95, both Small FTT's and Blended as well as running Cycles (usually 3) of Memtest86. By very long Cycles of Prime95 I usually go 12 - as much as 18 Hrs.
Now I was reading in the Evga Forum where folks are now using Intel Burn Test as its much faster for detecting I download it and run it...only to find what I thought were Stable OC's to be unstable (according to Intel Burn Test).
Have any of you guys been using this method? Here was the skinny with my 1800 FSB 4.05 OC
1. Prime 95 Stable Small FTT - 6 hrs (got lazy) - no errors
2. Blended 6 hrs - no errors
3. OCCT - 3 Cycles one hour each - no errors
4. Memtest86 - 5 Cycles no errors

Boom--Intel Burntest shows instability.

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