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My System Specs

Default Good Things in a Small Package - My H2GO Build

Alright...I finally got around getting started on this badboy today.

Hardware is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-X58-UD5
Intel Core i7 920
Mushkin Triple Channel XP3-1600 7-8-7-18 6GB
EVGA GTX Core 216 SC (up to tri-SLI *still deciding whether to wait for 55nm or not*)
Etc. etc.

Cooling will be done by:

2 Thermochill PA 120.2
1 Themochill PA 120.1
6 Scythe S-Flex SFF21G 1900 RPM on a Rheobus
2 MCP655s with EK tops
Danger Den Tieton Blocks
A whole crapload of BP fittings
3/8" ID-1/2" OD Tygon R3606
EK Supreme Acetal

I'm not the best at taking photos and my workspace doesn't have the best lighting, but I'll try to get some decent pics for everyone.

Here are some shots of my new gear.

The chip

The Board

A few of the fittings

Custom Dual-chamber drivebay reservoir by CD. Designed specifically for my MM H2GO build by zlojack, built by CD.

Drain ports and pump mounting pics:

Here's the concept

This is how the pumps will be mounted (don't freak out, if at all possible, I'll change the 90 degree fitting on the pump outlet to a 45)

Making holes in my beautiful case was a tough thing to do

Pumps now mounted. I hope the BP fitting is strong enough to hold them. I may put some Petras Gel Stuff wedged underneath them to brace it and take some of the weight off of the rotary T.


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