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Originally Posted by Fake2591 View Post
Hi, Im new to this whole forum thing but ya. Anyways.

My Pc is some cisnet thing. So I decided to add some new hardware to it.

First I bought a ATI Radeon x600 Pro. Well that seemed to help over integrated graphics :D.
Next I bought a 512 MB RAM stick DDR pc3200. I now had 1 gig and a graphic card. I was doin ok.

About 8 months later. I save up and I want to really overhaul my pc for gaming. So I bought an XFX Geforce 8800GTS Extreme Edition graphics card and a new coolmaster 550 W PSU. I notice that it barely out performed my radeon.. So I thought its gotta be my ram. So I buy 2 Samsung 1024 MB ddr pc3200 RAM sticks. Throw that in there... Pretty much the same as having 1 gig... So real difference. Lag in most games at 1280X1024. on medium... I'm pretty mad at this point...

Mc PC Specs. AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
3 gigs of ram
XFX Geforce 8800GTS Extreme Edition
Coolmaster 550W PSU
Motherboard is some MSI piece of crap
have dvd burner and rom drives.
logitech g11
razer death adder mouse

I've asked a few friends and after running 3d Mark 06. I think it's my motherboard. and/or processors. All of my ram is 400MhZ Compatible. According to 3dMark its running at 333 MhZ. I have tried just using the 2 1024 Mb sticks without the 2 512's to see if there is any difference. No, there wasn't. My hard drive should be fine since I only got my pc back a few months ago from cisnet because the HD died apparently. I am pretty sure its this MSI Motherboard and processors limiting my Video card and RAM. Unless someone else can think of why its doing it

P.S. Another thing I noticed is that my video card runs hot. I was wondering if it was due to my case coolings. Pretty crappy no real air flow. Was looking at Antec Nine Hundred case. Any thoughts on that
upgrade to e4300 or higher and a P5B maybe or DS3,
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