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Unhappy Dumb Question

OK, I feel like a retard for asking this, but I can't figure out whats wrong lol

So, I built a new PC for gaming, and never planned to hook it up to the internet (multi-player was never really my thing), but I bought far cry 2 tonight. A it has everyones favorite piece of DRM software, Securom.

In the basement, we have a Motorola broadband cable modem, hooked up to a linksys 802.11b (lol) router powering a few notebooks and the old PC. So I replaced the old PC with the new one. But I can't access the internet. I can see the LAN connection.

Im not sure if the router is assigning me an IP or not. None of my computers use static IPs so I didn't think it would be a problem If I simply replaces one host.

All of the laptops are connected (a mighty 11mbps lol) but the only one I care about right now isn't.

So, I feel like an idiot, but I could really use some help lol~
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