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Default help me figure the minimal wattage of my mini-itx machine

Here's what i have in it:
windsor athlon x2 3800+
j&w 780G mini-itx
a HD2400 pro in hybrid crossfire
2 sodimm
one 120mm fan
1 slim optical drive, would like to upgrade to blu-ray reader later on
1 3.5" hdd, would like to add another 2.5" hdd later on

I tested with killawatt on a corsair 400 psu and with everything except the extra 2.5" hdd and the optical drive, and the peek usage was at about 130W. I wasn't running orthos, wasn't undervolted either, but i was running a game. PSU calculator told me i needed a bit more than 150W. I can only fit a 150W psu in the case. I was thinking of getting this psu kit. I heard someone on the board say that it had a weak 12V line. I don't know which component uses 12V in my setup so i don't know if it's enough or not. Here are the specs:
Maximum Output      152.2W
Output Voltage (V)     5VSB     +3.3        +5        +12     -12
Output Current (A)     2.0        10.0       12.0      4.0      0.1
Output Power (W)      10          33         60         48       1.2
Peak Current (A)       2.0         10.0      12.0      4.0       0.1
If i have to, i'm willing to drop the extra hdd and the optical drive.

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