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I just have to chuckle. "We are aware that a small number of fans are having problems running GTA IV on their PCs and we would like to assure them we are working to help solve these as quickly as possible." That's what Rockstar has to say about all the problems. Perhaps they can't load their own forums because what they consider a small number of fans has blossomed into a tidal wave of disgruntled gamers. The laundry list of error codes users are receiving is truly staggering and the fact the game runs so poorly on top of the heap rigs makes me want to wait until they iron out some bugs before I purchase it. I'm suprized that after 4 years in production and 8 months after console release one of the most anticipated games for PC this year needs a patch straight out the gate... Strike that, I'm a PC gamer and really I shouldn't be so suprized.

Here's some links I found that may help with the myriad of problems users are having.

Grand Theft Auto series - Steam Users' Forums -> General PC Chat
Troubleshooting & Technology - GTAGaming Forums

My Nephew came to visit his favorite Uncle this summer with his new ps3 and GTA4, he bragged to no end how I had to wait 6 more months to play it. I just smiled and assured him I'd have it on PC running smoother and looking better than his cute lil ps3 by Dec and then he could come back over X-mas and see truly great graphics and better controls. I'm sorta hoping he doesn't visit for X-mas now as I have yet to see one screenshot of GTA4 on PC that looks anywhere as good as it did on the ps3.

Well Rockstar must be really happy with thier success in the area of copy protection, GTA IV PC has yet to be cracked by any major scene release group. Combining SecureRom, Windows Live, and a yet to be named random "calling home authentication" they have really put the pinch on the pirates. But as ussual the inconvenience to the pirates has become a major hassle for those who legitimately purchase their games.

I'm just going to be patient and hopefully the game will get a fix. So hurry up Rockstar!
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