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My System Specs


aaaahh! *stabs firefox* bitch murdered the draft of my post! whoever made the delete key = back button needs to be kicked in the face repeatedly! >:|

Anyway, I will try to remember all of what I was going to say so do not mind if I miss something.

I have not seen you being called unoriginal(I am assuming this is a copy&paste from another forum?) but I would be willing to suspect that with the sponsors, custom etched copper whatzits, carbon fibre talk and such - people might end up being jealous and disliking you without actually realizing why and just fall to calling you unoriginal because they cannot come up with something better.

After closer examination perhaps the part they do not like is the fact that you are modding something to look as if it could be stock instead of the traditional look many modders give their hardware. (you know it has been modded and you know it is now badass because it was modded)
>_> I would prefer to think that my first guess is correct but now that I spend erom time thinking about it I am probably wrong about the first guess. I hate to think that people would reject something just for looking like it came off the factory floor...


Originally Posted by Langer
What I have come up with will involve soldering the power lines right to the mobo.
Heh. I had considered removing the original connector and soldering half of an ATX extension to the back of my old asus P5K but ended up not doing it due to not wanting to either put the original connector back on the board or cut up the case it would be mounted into next if I ever replaced it.(and I did replace it so I am glad I left it alone)

By the way.. What happened to the thumbnails after the first post? :( Granted, so far I have only seen pages 1, 2, 6 and 7(dialup).. but still.
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