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Installation - Part 2

Normally on a Sunday afternoon I would be in front of the TV watching football. However this Sunday I decided to continue on the build for my brother-in-law. Letís get one with it shall we.
You may notice in this pic that the HSF is now turned 90 degrees. The reason for this I was unable to install the power supply with facing the original way that I had it. I hope with having blowing air up it wonít hinder its performance.
You will also notice that there is different RAM installed. You would be correct. I decided to replace the Buffalo Firestix with a pair of G.Skill F2 PC2-8500. There are two reasons for this; 1) the G.Skills are better performing RAM, 2) this build has a blue coloured theme.
Getting into the cable management I decided not to cut a hole in the motherboard tray to pass the wires through, I strategically organized the wires and using zip ties I tied them together. The excess wires I shoved in the empty drive bay area.

As you can see in this pic I even did some cable management on the backside even though you wonít be able to see it when the side panel is on.
Thatís all I did so far, the install is done. I put some power to it and the good news is it didnít blow up, everything seemed to be work. It even did the one beep so I know it posted. I think I did a good job. If you look closely you can see my reflection in the side panel.

So on my next day off being TuesdayIíll hook up my 250GB Seagate drive, install Windows XP as well as the drivers and some benchmarking software and see what this thing has. Unfortunately I wonít be overclocking it.


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