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My name is Jesse Lang, and I'm a 21year old graduate of Vancouver Film School - and I'll be returning to VFS this April for another degree.

I'm a big geek and I have been modding just about everything I could get my hands on since I was a little boy.

By trade I am a Motionographer, but I spread out into the world of interface design and experimental user experience stuff as well.

My first project log was my 16 mod eeePC which I completed before the eeePC craze - thats when I got the modding bug really bad. I'n my mind I had been dreaming of another project that would reflect my work on the eeePC, but in a desktop.

After months of designing - fueled by years of backlogged ideas - I started ordering parts with a budget of $4500. I was in school at the time so I had to put off meals to pay for parts.

After just over $3000 I had Prometheus R1.0

After a few months I got some big contract offers so I asked school if I could take a year off. I started making some cash and had the freedom to complete the mod of my dream.

I started with a plan:

Now, 6months later I've been just about broke consistently but happy as hell.

For now I'd like to invite you all to tune into my thread and enjoy.
I've tied to push the envelope in every possible way with this project - and I'm sure that those of you who take the time to read the thread will like what you see.

One of my goals with PrometheusCU is to incorporate "industry". By this I am referring to the little things about the products we use every day, and the elements of those products that make them feel "factory made".

One of my favorite elements of this project is something that I'm working very hard on to get the right feel. This element is the laser raster engravings of little things like instructions, QC stamps, part numbering, and labels like "cool air intake do not block".

Some people have whipped at my "lack of originality" - I'd just like to agree with them and elaborate. For some years I've been watching many 'mod forums' and all these years I've been watching some of the finest artistry and marvels of engineering I've ever seen unfold. The best part was that many of them were humble folk in basement closets - some were German machinists with Grayskull in their corner. What I'm trying to do with PrometheusCU is incorporate many of my favorite ideas and expand on them - all in one mod. An easy enough task in itself, but making it a seamless 'whole' has made this endeavor mentally taxing in just about every way - for me.

Thanks again.
Fun stuff on the horizon and surprises for all. Stay tuned.

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