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Another small update.

The very kind folks from performance PC's did me a favor and shipped some bits that I forgot to order super quick.

First up another Scythe Fan:

Why 1x fan you ask?

Because I only ordered two extra the first time around, and I've allotted room in the final base design for the added height of 6x scythe fans. Delivering ~800CFM - realistically lower of course.

Also I'll be cooling the Alix integrated Linux 433MHz Geode's are so... hot?. And it looks cool.

Enzotech did a fine shine job on this as well:

Lastly my first attempt at purchasing G1/4 plugs was a fail [see left], so I got "plug plugs" [see right]:

My fillport#1 - more on how these will be used later:

I've also repainted the keyboard, still needs sanding and more coats but it wont stop raining. Many more keyboard updates to come.

more later.

Thanks for reading.
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