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Another small update.

I took delivery of my second Aquastream pump today, and I've made the necessary modifications to mount it.

I must apologize for the very crappy images, the lighting is really poor in my basement.

First up I had to modify the 3.5" drive bay to accommodate the height of the radiator and the pump:

Then a small cut to the bottom of the 5.25" drive bay to make room for the inlet fittings:

Here is the pump installed, the install isn't yet finalized I've ordered a G1/4" plastic nipple to help reduce vibrations - and the pump will have a proper mount made for it to alleviate the strain on the outlet port.

My Watercool Heatkiller R3.0 CPU block was shipped late last week, and my NB/SB/Mosfet blocks are were shipped from Mips this morning - I'm expecting them Friday.

The cable sleeves will be shipped on the 18th of November.

More coming soon.

Thanks for reading.
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