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A quick update for you all:

I ordered the cable sleeving today - I couldn't find copper braid to the spec that I wanted and too many people are using plain old PET sleeve, so I went for Nylon.

The nylon sleeve that I will be using is made to military spec and looks damn sexy IMO.

* UV resistant
* Operating Temp. -49F to 248F
* Melt Temp. 250C / 482F
* Excellent for sound and rattle control
* Compliant with European Union's Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive

NM's fabric-like softness and flexibility hide surprisingly tough specifications. The high coverage sleeving meets or exceeds military specifications MIL-I-47203(MI) and MIL-S-47053(MI). Nylon Multifilament is highly resistant to abrasion, cuts, common automotive and marine chemicals, UV damage and vibration. It will not rot or retain moisture.

The only downside is that I had to order 100-225' of each size as a minimum... so I guess all my future projects will sport this sleeve... and the Buick will get some too.


On another note... I also ordered a custom license plate for the Buick - "D VADER"
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