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One of my parcels arrived today:
First up the super skinny Black Ice Stealth GT 120mm rad that will cool the mosfets/nb/sb.

I also got a whole bunch of copper ram sinks that I'll be scattering about the motherboard - for pimp value.

With the unnecessary cooling comes a laptop ram cooler for the Pico-ITX ram.

The second loop needed tubing, and I figured 3/8" will more than cover that - my only issue with this tube is that it's a slightly lighter shade of black (also called GREY?!?!? way to drop the ball PPCs!) than my 1/2 tubing... so it will go right into the bin and I'll be ordering more from NCIX (the place where I got my other tubing).

The flash shows well just how GREY this 'black' tubing is.... useless.

In an attempt to minimize my tubing lengths i got a few anti kink coils:

I also needed some dark nickel plated 3/8" bitspower fittings:

I also got some bitspower T fitting for my fill points:

Some G1/4" bitspower male-male adapters:

Two bitspower fillports... that don't have caps... i didn't realize that and I expected some sealed caps and not just though holes.

Space constraints need to me replace one of my 133cfm Scythe fans with a slim Yate Loon (super lame company name IMO) fan.

Some thermal grease... anyone have any experience with this stuff in comparison to AS5?

And lastly some adhesive thermal pads.

Sorry for the crappy pics, lighting is poor in my basement.
Hopefully more updates tomorrow if my next Aquacomputer package arrives.

Thanks for tuning in... tune in tomorrow. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel.
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