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One minor change... I don't like to add things that don't serve purpose, so in adding fins to the top I had to create purpose.

This is what I came up with - there's a bit more to the whole process, but this should give you the idea:

*click for big*

I haven't shown this feature yetm because it would be a **** to draw the inlays in perspective, but I'll do my best to explain.
My plan is to cut the PR[/B]OMETHEUS[sup]CU[/sup] logo lettering out - leaving me 3-4" tall solid 1/8" thick copper letters.
Then I want to cut an 1/8" slots into the cross section of the fins. Letting me inlay the lettering perpendicular to the fins.

Ok I got half way though that last bit and figured I could just make a pic in less time:


forgot to add:

here is how the drawings are made... more or less:

*click for big*
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