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Rest assured that I still have a few tricks up my sleeve with the case feet design, and a few ideas to better integrate the fins along with the rest of the case... but I'm going to leave you all guessing what they are.

I've gotten quite a few questions asking me what software and technique I used to produce my concept Illustrations.


As with my earlier "prototype part illustrations" the case feet concepts were drawn Adobe Illustrator. The images above are not 3D models - like you'd get with Sketchup - they are only 2D perspective illustrations. In fact it would have been easier and faster for me to do these perspective drawings by hand... but everything is just so much cleaner on screen.

I'll post a couple of images tonight showing how the drawings are done. Essentially they are just drawn using the line tool - one line at a time, doing my best to eyeball the proportions while staying true to the perspective.

I do it this way because of two major reasons:
1: I like to do perspective drawings, and I like to leave a certain degree of the design to my own internal vision. When I use 3D apps I find myself letting the program dictate my design, often this happens when trying to conform to the limitations of the tools available in the software.
2:Illustrations like the above depend less on exact dimensions and allow more flexibility (at the cost of time).

The only major disadvantages to 2D illustrations is that when you want another view, or even a subtle camera shift you need to do the drawing over again. Also... drawing curves - like the ones in my first foot revision - is a real pain in the ass, and takes a fair bit of understanding perspective principles.
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