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Since I want to minimize the airflow resistance on the main radiator mounted on the bottom of the unit I'll need to construct some feet that are 2.5-3" tall.

Aesthetically this is no easy task, and not something that I've addressed to date.

I've spent the past few hours in Illustrator trying to solve this large dilemma.

I've come up with the image below.
The intent here is to use a bunch of carbon fiber panels spaced ~0.5" apart to make a sort of skeletal base structure.

*click for big*
I've come up with a few extra surprises to go with this base design.
However...I'd like to ask what you all think of the concept first.

I've already devised a way of incorporating the PROMETHEUSCU logo into the mix - it was simply too complicated for me to be bothered drawing in perspective (at this time).
My intent is to put and LED in between every layer to allow crazy lighting effects
The flat part seen at the very bottom of the illustration acting as a flat base will be the uber carbon panel, shown earlier.

I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions on how to add feet to this rig.

Thanks for helping and reading!
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