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Small update. I wanted to upload these pics last night but Photobucket had other ideas.

I've started ordering my hardware for this project. In the form of Brighton Socket Cap Allen Bolts, and Coutersunk Allen Bolts.
I still havent got my hands on the smaller bolts as they were special order, but here's the big stuff.
The below sizing ranges from 4-40, to 1/4-20 - I've ordered a couple hundred in each size.

I got 100 carbide rods, the purpose of these will be revealed much later.

With those come six 36"x1/2"x1/16" copper flat bars. I will be bending these to fabricate cable ties and wire harness brackets.

Also, 15' of 3/8" split loom tubing - this will be used on the Pico watercooling tubes, and on a couple wires that wont be seen.

I also started bending my prototypes, and as expected I don't have the tools to do this to the level that I desire.

In light of this I've taken the liberty of sending the whole fabrication of these parts to China.
I will have a Chinese company fabricate these things to perfection from copper plate in the near future.
The parts that I have will work perfectly for what I intended them to do - these aluminum bits will be installed to allow me to continue fabrication of other parts. Also I've already made a couple of design changes that will be applied to the final copper bits.

Thanks for reading, more to come very soon.
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