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Update time.

Today I decided to finally fabricate the mount for the Pico-ITX waterblock/pump.

First I made a prototype from cardstock at 1:1 scale.

The I busted out the dremel and attacked a scrap piece of aluminum - left over from an old Lian-Li mod.

After an hour or so of hand filing, a couple quick bends, and a few holes drilled we get this:

It's then mounted to the pump/waterblock:

If you'll recall I did some modification to the stock Pico heatsink. I've now finished off these mods with a few counterbored holes:

The waterblock is installed onto the stock heatsink

Finally this entire assembly is mounted to the Pico-ITX board - which is already mounted onto a bracket holding its PSU/IO/HDD. The entire thing can now be mounted into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay.

The whole thing still needs some final edge cleaning and most likely a coat of black paint - other than that she's all done.

Thanks for reading - more to come soon.
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