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I spent two days learning Rhino/Visual Mill/ToolPath then I spent the last day cutting (actually I'd call it 'watching the machine cut').

I admittedly went though a couple of 1/8 bits but I expected to break a few. The machine took just over 10hrs to cut the parts out (damn grills!). I've not yet started cleaning the edges of these prototypes but I'm doing that soon.

I'll let these teaser pics speak for themselves.

HERE are the aluminum prototypes that once filed/bent/installed will be replaced with finely machined copper.

I started with some 1/2ply wood and a scrap 40"x40"x1/8" hunk of aluminum.

I then booted up rhino and prepared the parts for cutting.

Holes were drilled for screws to hold the aluminum down.

10 long boring hours later:
rad grill:

MatrixOrbital Typhoon enclosure/PSU mount/and Right side drive bay enclosure.

Left side drive bay enclosure:

Bottom rad housing - lower tray.

Top fan grill:

Front face plate:

Some of the cuts look a little wonky in the pics but all the cuts are straight and clean - they just have quite a bit of burrs that need filing down - which I should be done by this weekend.

Here is the keyboard - pre-modding:

Thanks for reading - tune in soon.
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