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Sorry for the delays folks, but my metal is still not cut (don't get me started... I'm pissed) and until it's installed I cant really do a whole lot else.

I decided to try my hand at fabricating panels from my fabric. These were soaked in resin and pressed at an obesene pressure of several thousand tonnes.

You don't get this look from carbon decal!

The next one is the closest thing to a definition of "indestructible" as you'll ever find. I don't know how many layers there are in this - but it's about a 1/2" thick. It will be used for a few structural components.

I've also got a few yards of copper mesh, I have a few plans for this stuff it looks really cool when wrapped tightly around wires and cables.

Another generous donated product courtesy of Mach over at TheBestCaseScanario's forums. Some braided copper sleeve.

Lastly we've got 100' of 18gage copper flat wire to be wrapped around the black tubing for aesthetic reasons.

Also the metallic copper paint I ordered on July 27th is still not even shipped yet which is holding up some of my smaller mods.

I'm just playing the waiting game from now until when my metal is cut. I've done a few little things like lapping my GPU's and CPU, other than that noting big.
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