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@crazedmodder - Thank you very much, hopefully you wont be waiting too long.

My machinist (who is doing all my work for free BTW) called me today declaring that he will work though the night if necessary, I'll have the prototype parts cut tomorrow. It's been a crazy time for him and I can't really hold anything against him considering the predicament, also he just moved his shop to a new building at the beginning of Sept.

I have a new dilemma however.

Corsair has been kind enough to provide 8GB(4x2gb) of Dominator 1066mhz RAM with no heat spreaders attached, only they've expressed a little caveat which has me thinking.

With these MIPS Computer GmbH has been very kind and has sponsored me with a RAM Freezer 4 memory waterblock:

However since Dominator ram has additional PCB height to aid in heat dissipation:

I'm concerned that the Dominator RAM may not work with the RAM Freezer 4.

Of course I could ask Corsair to provide a RAM from the XPS series that does not have the extra height, but I'm waiting for MIPS Computer to get back to me with measurement specifications.

I've also taken delivery of a couple other aesthetic items this week, I'll have pics up tomorrow or early weekend.

Thanks for reading... and waiting... see you all soon.
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