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@custom_electronics_man - Thanks for the advice. I have considerable programming experience but Arduino will be new to me, but I figure it can't be that hard. As for the 100 or so white LEDs I'm going to split them into 5-6different zones, which will help with the wiring a little bit. You'll probably end up getting some communications from me in the future, thanks a lot for the offer.

@DrumThumper - Thanks man... tune in and we'll see how well they work out.

Again many many thanks to my sponsor AquaComputer for generously providing the following:

For those of you who aren't aware of the power of the AquaComputer components. here is a small demonstration video showing the power of the AquaComputer system (aquaero display, aquastream pump, multiswitch, tubemeter water level sensor, aquasuite software).

Here you will find AquaCopmuter's explanation of the AquaComputer automated "monitoring" hardware.

Aquaero 4.00:

AquaComputer 90degree swivel elbows:

AquaComputer Flow Sensor:

Multiswitch 1.41:

And the center pieces of the system... PrometheusCU Edition G200 waterblocks. Aquacomputer was generous enough to build two of these fore this project. (Note that the Prometheus text appears 'burnt' in the images but this doesn't show up to the naked eye)

More assembly to come soon.

Thanks for reading!
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