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Parts update for the masses:
I recieved a package of watercooling supplies today.
First up - a D-Tek Fuzion rev 2 with quad core nozel insert (insert not installed in below images).

FeserOne Orange non-conductive coolant, I'd have preferred black but since I'll be using black tubing and no reservoir I don't see the difference... and neither will anyone else, hehehe.

20x Bitspower Hig Flow 1/2 barbs - dark nickel plated edition.

Here you can see the difference between the Bitspower fittings and the stock DangerDen and D-Tek ones.

A Black DangerDen Fillport

Last but most certainly not least... 15' of Opaque Black Primochill Primoflex 1/2ID tubing.

I was quite surprised by the width of the wall, I guess I don't have to worry about puncture leaks... too much.

That's all for now folks, tune in soon!
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