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A small update for the masses.
Here is an idea of what a couple of the copper components will look like.
From left to right - Front Facade Panel, Top Exhaust Fan Grill, Radiator Grill/Mount. I'll post the designs for the rest of the pieced some time tomorrow; along with some of the illustrations that I'm going to have engraved throughout the case.

black = cut
grey = engrave
dashed = bend
*click for supersize*

Added a a 'jagged edge' to the front facade. Since the touch panel LCD covers the traditional front air intake I will need to mill slots in the side of the front panel to act as air intake. The jagged edge will make space for these intake slots. The slots can be seen in the initial design concept illustration

Thanks for reading! Tune in soon for more.

As always, crits are welcome and appreciated.
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