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Let us begin.

I've finished the rad mount prototype.

I started with a 40"x40"x1/8" sheet of used aluminum.
This panel was once used in the fabrication of Carbon Fiber sheets - the aluminum panel are used to help form the carbon panel. The carbon is cooked in a heated press at ~40,000tonnes. After a short while, about 100 carbon panels, the aluminum develops imperfections and heat stains - It's then thrown away. My Dad runs the Carbon Fiber plant so over the years I have developed a rather large collection of these aluminum sheets.

After a bit of rough cutting with the trusty jigsaw I did some light filing to clean the cuts.

Then onto bending

The final product, minus the holes.

Once that was complete I checked the fit - luckily the "measure 5-times cut once" methodology continues to work for me.

A side view, note also that the final bends will be much more precise. I plan on having 'V' shaped groves milled into the copper plate where bends are needed to ensure accuracy.

Then I had to drill precise holes in the the chassis.

From there I did a test fit. (Note that the final design will include slots for airflow, I'll post an illustration later today.)
Almost perfect, I eyeballed the holes in the rad mount prototype and a couple were off slightly. No big loss though because the final product will be machined precisely.

Thanks for reading! More to come.
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