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I then built another temporary bracket to hold the PSU in place. This too will be replaced with a CNC machined bracket.

After cutting a piece of copper plate that will 'compression' fit into place. I used double sided foam tape to afix the slot load dvd-rw.

I then installed the slim-DVD to SATA adapter.

The drive is then squished into place, and holds suprisingly well

Then the pump is mounted to the bracket, this foam is also temporary and will be replaced with black neoprene

We then come to the Pico-ITX unit that will live in the drive bay

Here is is installed

I then cut apart the Corsair Dominator fan assembly and made some temporary mounting brackets, the final brackets will be CNCd as well.

The zalman fan controller that I'll be using

Here is the fan contoller installed

The final fan assembly and some glamour shots

I also got a Lian-Li card reader, it will be stripped of its case by the end of this mod

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