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After a few hours with the dremel and jigsaw... then many more with a set of hand files I turned my lian-li case into the below:

The details:
First I cut out some material from the drive bay area

I then mounted the Alix 2c1 embedded linux firewall after installing the mini-PCI wifi-n card and the 1GB compact flash

A cutout was made to allow space for the lan ports on the motherboard tray. Also a box was cut from the drive bay to allow for the pump to be mounted.

I haven't yet built the pieces that will guide the airflow; but i have installed the fans that will cool the Alix board.

1/4inch slots will be milled on the panel and dividers will be constructed to guide the air out the slots. Until then, this is how it stands.

Here is the Pump

And the mounting bracket put into place

Two 120mm fan holes were cut from the top of the case

A large rectangle was removed from the front panel to make space for the 7" touch panel LCD

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