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after a gentle nudge, i have decided to post some numbers. i will stick with just air cooling for now...

ASUS Rampage Formula (0219 - worth .2~.3 from regular BIOS)
E8600 814A526 (killer air/water chip...bad sub zero)
Team Xtreem PC2-6400 C3 @ 500MHz 4-4-4
Thermalright Ultra 120
Stock MB cooling

no real tweaks, just a clean OS and not even memory tweaking. memory has very little to do with 1M...very little, 32M is a completely different story.

i'll try to find some fun 32M air results and post those up later. 1M isn't really my game, i kind of despise it because there isn't a whole lot involved as far as tweaking knowledge goes, aside from a couple tricks here and there. 32M / 01 / AM3 is where the fun is...
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