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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dashock View Post
Alright i dont know if its the new Nvidia drivers or the new core files but im getting raped im down to 3500 ppd on the 5748-5756 i did update to the latest client 2.63 as well.
It's the new 511 point WU's, the lower the number of SP's on a card, the bigger the effect on the PPD it seems. Don't feel bad tho it's nailing everybody, my GTX+'s are down from ~6150 ppd to maybe ~4300 ppd with those WU's. You should read some of the whining on other forums, you would think Hell Had frozen over. The guys I feel bad for are the guys running farms with 10 to 15+ GPU's, you think your getting raped, Ouch . At least the 384pt ones are almost as good as the 480's and actually use the CPU less, my SMP ppd goes up ~100 to 150 ppd.
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