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Default A couple of questions about Vid card differences

I am thinking of changing my Mobo with in the next couple of months run cross fire.I am not exactly sure which mobo I am getting but I won't be going high end more like Mid end. So I can use my 8 gb ddr2 ram.
now the current Vid card I am running is
HIS Radeon HD 3870 ICEQ3 Turbo 775MHZ 512MB 2.25GHZ 256BIT GDDR4 PCI-E 2XDVI HDTV Out Video Card this are the specs that price match has on my card
* Superscalar unified shader architecture
* 320 stream processing units exactly what is this?
* 256-bit memory interface
* DirectX 10.1 / Shader Model 4.1 support
* PCI Express 2.0 support
* ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance
* Use up to four GPUs with an AMD 790FX based motherboard
* High-speed 128-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
* Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
* 55nm process technology
* ATI Avivo HD video and display technology
* Built-in HDMI and 5.1 surround audio
* Support for the ATI Radeon DVI to HDMI adapter
* Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for Blu-ray and HD DVD
* ATI PowerPlay energy conserving technology
* Dynamic geometry acceleration
* Game physics processing capability

I am not sure if I should buy the same card and cross fire them ( never done anything like this before )? Or would it be better to start with two new card of course not at the same time ?
my system is more for gaming then anything else
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