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Hi matrx.. welcome to HWC. As Enaberif stated, the CoolerMaster 690 or Antec 900 are great. The 1200 is a little pricier than your "assumed" price-range. The Antec 300 is a great cheap case as well.... and with it's low price, you can still swing a decent PSU into the budget. The GA EP45-DS3L is a surprisingly good mobo, and will overclock nicely(should he decide to O/C). With no overclocking, i would pick the E8400 over the Q6600(the higher clock-speed and better IPC help offset 2-less cores). If he intends on overclocking.. the choice takes a little more thought. Although a touch more expensive, the 4850 would be the better choice... it's a "very strong" mainstream GPU. Samsung DVDs are very good, 4GB(2x2GB) of PC2-6400(C4) or PC2-8000/8500(C5) will make the system very responsive. If you're set on a 1TB drive, the WD 1TB Black is pretty-much unbeatable. What OS are you considering.... VISTA Home Premium 64 would be the most logical choice, at this point in time. GL

Edit: Ahhh...Neo beat me to it.
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