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What I know for sure that these are new things coming in Q3 and Q4 of 2007:

Intel Core 2 Duo 6540~6850 series at $200+
GeForce 9 series
More stable DDR3 RAM
More stable DDR3 Mobo
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
DX10 compatible games

New cpus are no problem since these are just extened versions between 6420 and 6800. GeForce 9 series won't effect my decision to choose 8 series as well because both series are compatible with DX10. I would love to choose soon-to-be cheaper 8800s or 2900xt over 9 series.

Now for DDR3 RAM and mobo... well, DDR3 mobos are already cheap enough so that's no problem if I need to change my thoughts, but I do have some doubts about price changes for DDR3 RAM. I guess we gotta sit and wait.

Thanks for your valuable advices though. I will update my article time to time whenever there are new products or major price drops.

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