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Well I used cut-up Swiffer pads, they absorb dust but let like 90% of the airflow through. I don't have an Antec 900, I just have some generic case I bought for ten dollars at a garage sale, with some 80mm fans on varioius parts of the case I cut holes in. I would put the Swiffer pads on the OUTSIDE, so that it lets more air through, gets sucked toward the fan, and traps dust before it enters the case

As for externally controlling the fans, (assuming you want to control them by a dial) you may have to cut open a few cables, attach a small circuit board with the dial on it, and then test it out. I would do it with a cheap $5 case fan for experimenting until you know it works. I'm sure there's an easy way to it that doesnt run the risk of killing your fans, I just have to look on google harder :P
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