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Default Decent Gaming Setup?

Hey all,

Building a gaming setup for a friend and would appreciate some input :)

So far, I'm considering the following:

Antec Sonata III or Antec 900
Asus P5Q-E mobo
Intel Q6600 or E8400
4GB ram
Samsung DVD Burner
9800GT or 4850

Questions I have :)

- Would you go with a Sonata III or 900? Would the Sonata III provide enough ventillation, space? For those with a 900, how noisy do you find it?

- Can I "cheap out" on the mobo (i.e. get a cheaper Gigabyte EP45-DS3L) since he will not be oc'ing - any other decent mobos you'd recommend?

- which is better for gaming - the q6600 or e8400?

- would a 9800gt do for most games (medium setting) or is the 4850 a better option?

Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys!

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