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My System Specs



I run this game on a Q6600, 8800gts 640mb (Latest drivers), 8gb ram and Vista Ultimate x64. When in directX9 the game run without a hitch so far but, when I set DirectX10.... oh boy does it pull a number on me.

I get 0 to 1 frame per second from the time the game starts loading all the way into game play. It is not playable at all. I can get normal frame rates when I press Alt + Enter but, it goes into a smaller window where I can see a lot of my desktop in the background, and that takes a lot away from getting immersed in the game.

I' m gonna go through the read me and try finding instructions so I can try the console thingy to set frame rate to 30 fps max.

If anyone knows anything I can do, please let me know. Thanks.


I know for sure it was 0 to 1 frame per second because I have Fraps reporting my frame rate.
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