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My System Specs


You still can do Dual channel with 2x 2Gb, no problem. But until you buy that second stick, you'll see a drop in performance.

Monitors, cases and speakers are subjective choices. Choose whatever suits your preference.

Antec's PSUs are all high quality. 500W maybe enough, if there are enough amps on the 12V rail. It also depends on how many components you need to power (ie. HDDs, burners, fans, etc.). Read more on the PSU subject and SKYMTL's reviews of PSUs. If you wish to have more power, then choose a case w/out a PSU and buy a 600W. Should be plenty. Last rig I built used an OCZ 600W GameXtreem for an E6320 oc'ed with 2 HDDs, 2 burners and w/c pump - no problems what-so-ever.

I have bought 3 eVga mobos (2 680i + 1 650i) lately and had no problems. All booted on the first try - all I had to do was flash the latest BIOS and that was it.

I know that Gigabyte has some great mobos too, but I don't know them.

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