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And if you do buy 1x 2gb, you can say goodbye to Dual Channel
Can't I still do dual channel after buying another same 1x2GB ram two years later?

Monitor: why stick with 4:3?
Never been a fan of widescreen... It's just my preference :)

And about 8800s graphic card, don't I need more than 500w psu to run them steadly? product description says minimum required psu for 8800s is 425w... 500w seems little fragile for 8800s. Therefore if I need to by 600w+ psu, it means I need to pay more since decent 600w psu costs more than 100 bucks...

So far I've got one recommending Asus mobo and another recommending evga... Gav's reason for picking Asus was good reliability track record, perhaps 3.0charlie could give your reason as well? Thanks for the other advices, I will seriously consider Sonata III.
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