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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
I didn't want to start another thread so I'll just comment here. Why give people 24 hours to post pictures, prices and details of sales? When people have their pictures, details, ect ready then post away but if they don't then why even start a thread. I don't see whats so hard about following the rules straight out the gate and giving them a grace period to come correct just fosters laziness and creates more work for the mods. Not to mention that giving someone a 24 hour bid fishing pass to receive offers via pm is a potential concern. I'm also in agreement with adopting a minimum post prerequisite before starting a FS thread, mandatory location and all sales listed in Canadian dollars. /ramble off

Three things are sure in this world - Death, Taxes and the fact that people DO NOT read stickies. Also, in the sticky itself, the photo notice falls about halfway down.. around the point where people loose interest.
Maybe we need to look into posting a "NOTICE" when ever a FS item is posted reminding sellers of the requirements.

Some leeway is needed for new members or first time sellers, or someone who was just forgetful - hence a 24hr timeframe.

The photo requirement is to assist buyers, not to conform to some legal rule. If someone is not following BST rules and can't provide a photo, it is probably NOT a good idea to buy from them. If you choose to respond to a seller and go through with a transaction without the photo evidence, you are taking the risk upon yourself and have only yourself to blame if things wind up going wrong.
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