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Originally Posted by Finch View Post
yes i understand your point but still a dual core and quad core doesnt perform the same in spi and i dont want to create a sub category only for the q6600. also if you look at the i7 is 45nm but still isnt comparable to a dual core 45nm, from my point of view.
the i7 is a different architecture. And if you have a 3GHz QX9650 and a 3GHz E8400 running the exact same OS with the same RAM settings and everything, the would be nearly identical as SuperPi is single threaded, so more cores give no advantage. Any more than 2 cores is no advantage to SPi. And again, by architecture I mean all the 65nm and 45nm Core based chips would be together. So what I'm suggestion is the following categories:

Pentium 4 Based: (Pentium 4 and D)

Core Based: (Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, both 65nm and 45nm's together)

i7: (Nehalem of course)

So it would be something similar to the 32M low clock challenge over at XS: 32m SPi Low Clock Challenge - XtremeSystems Forums
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