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My System Specs


Mobo: evga nforce 650.

CPU: if oc'ed, E6320. If not E6420.

Ram: OCZ Gold 2x1gb 5-5-5-15 @ ~90$. Ditch the 2x2gb, unless you're planning on doing some heavy video editing in the near future. And if you do buy 1x 2gb, you can say goodbye to Dual Channel (not DDR2, Barb) and watch the drop in performance.

VC: evga 8800GTS 320mb, or the 640mb if it is still on special for 40$ more. Best bang for the buck.

HDD: the 'cuda is a great drive. Fast, silent. Good choice.

DVD burner: bought 3 of those in the past 4 weeks - all are working great.

FDD: ditch that. Replace with flash memory.

Monitor: why stick with 4:3? LG and Samsung have great 19 inchers in 16:9 ratio, for a similar price. Heck, I bought a HP 19" 16:9 on sale last week for 239$.

Case: Antec Sonata III, with the 500W PSU, so you can ditch the Coolermaster PSU.

PSU: see above.

Speakers: buy the system that sounds the best to your ear.

OS: like all others have written, do not go to 64bit yet. It ain't worth it.

Total: ~ 1500$ (actually, with the prices that I have in mind it's 1496$).

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