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Hey guys. This is one of my bumps/update. I will attempt to answer a few questions posted or sent PM:
1. Why the folding 'gimmick' with the sale? I want to promote our folding team and maybe even recruit a new member. The ATI card is not the best folder right now, but that may change. If I thought this card was going to play nice in a rig with an nVidia card I would keep it myself.
2. What is your eBay/Heatware stats? To save you time and trouble, my eBay handle is suprgrover (as mentioned in my OP), and I have 100% positive feedback. I bought 12 items on eBay and have never sold. I have a new Heatware account (chriskwarren) that I have never used.
3. Can you ship to me first, and then I'll send you the money? No. Whenever I have ever bought something online I have always paid up before getting the product, so I think I will do the same from the other end. When I get payment I will send the card asap and give you a tracking number. If you don't like it you can find a suitable card elsewhere. I understand! The first person who can actually send me a payment will get the card. A bird in hand as they say.
4. How can I trust you? I have been active here since this summer, and the little experience I have doing this stuff is positive. I am on our folding team, and I have done the best I can to add positively to the community (including donating some cables and a BB gift card for Balistx's build for his brother in law). I will also forward my personal contact info via PM if you want to talk to a real live person :)

I hope this clears up everything. I was not even going to sell this card in the first place, and if this selling thing becomes a royal pain in the butt I'll just keep it a local pick-up sale to keep it really simple.

Thanks for your interest guys!
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