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Default GA-EP45-DS3L and G.SkiLL memory match

I just built my very own computer with the help of fellow hardware canucks members (thanks guys!).

Heres my specs:
Mobo : EP45-DS3L from gigabyte
RAM : 4gb 2x2 G.Skill 8000
CPU : e5200
Video : 8500GT (waiting for my 9800:P )
HDD : seagate barracuda 500g
PSU : 750w
Monitor : 19" asus

Now, everything is fine but 1 thing. I believe its really benine but still, its bugging me.

Here is my CPU-Z report.

As you can see, for some reason, it dosn't detect my RAM.
I already knew that there would be some memory "loss" due to the diffrent ways of calculating it. But still, its showing only 2/3 of the total plus, it dosnt detect the speed, the type, the timings and surch. I don't know if its because its not suported by the mobo or if its because I missed one driver. Everything else is fine and I definitly want to overclock someday, so I need those infos.

So my question is ; what should I do?
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